All about Fun places to visit

The best time for a holiday? Always! Here are ideas where a family can travel, have fun and enjoy quality time spent together!
Kids LIKE: Waterparks
Let’s face it. Waterparks are fun for everyone! No matter how old (or young!) you are, you’re sure to enjoy the cool slides and pools – especially in the summer heat! To enjoy it to the full you must first learn how to swim properly – or you may choose to hang out with the youngest swimmers by the toddler pool!

Kids LIKE: Theme parks
Bored with museums? Thought so! How about a theme park to get your excitement running once again? No, we won’t be scared when at the top of the roller coaster, Mom. (We will be terrified!) But it’s all in he spirit of having the best holiday EVER! Even if there’s the risk of having embarrassing ‘accidents’!

Kids DISLIKE: Churches and/or Cathedrals
Visiting one cathedral is fine… As long s grown ups promise to buy ice-cream later! Looking at paintings and statues of dead people and by dead people is, well, boring. For kids anyway. So if you plan on visiting many of these sites why don’t you just leave the kids with their cool aunt or that neighbor with the new pool?

Kids LIKE: Safari / Zoo visits
Kids’ idea of family fun travel involves doing things we see other people do on TV. We all like to watch TV documentaries about animals, don’t we? Especially if they are wild! So obviously, a travel treat for kids would be a visit to a zoo, or better yet, a safari! We can see animals in action, hear their sounds and we may be very very lucky and get permission to touch them as well!

Kids LIKE: Big Aquariums and Reptile Parks
Just because we already went to a zoo, doesn’t mean we have to skip the aquarium or the reptile park! Animals are interesting, and, if not when on holiday, when will we get to watch a crocodile gobble up his food up close, or see some weird underwater sea creatures without getting wet? Yes, now you understand how important this is, mom.

Kids DISLIKE: Museums
See one statue and you’ve seem them all, right kids? OK so old stuff and statues are beautiful and all, but kids want fun, action and laughter – and we’re pretty sure we can’t have fun with the museum guard shushing us or spoiling our game of hide and seek!