The Oregon World War II Memorial

The Oregon World War II MemorialThe Oregon World War II Memorial is a must-see if you’re visiting Salem. This site is dedicated to Oregonians who lost their lives during the war. The site is crowned by a 33-foot-tall white obelisk, behind it is a wall with the names of nearly 3,800 Oregon soldiers whose lives were given to protect freedom.

It really is a beautiful place. Its location is unique, since it shows great respect for the soldiers, without looking like a mere significant monument. The walls where the names are located are clean as the day they were posted. You can tell just by looking at it the respect that people show, both to the Memorial and to the soldiers to whom it is dedicated.

It is definitely worth a visit. For both adults and a family visit, the place is beautiful, and even if you don’t like Memorials, this one is capable of representing serenity without overloading it.

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